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Our Services

We provide strengths-based, respectful therapy services for children ages 0-18, please refer to the list below and contact us with any questions.

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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services support your child in their ability to access successful communication. 

We address the following needs:

  • Articulation 

  • Receptive and expressive language 

  • Fluency

  • Apraxia of speech

  • Auditory processing

  • Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)

  • Self-advocacy/Communication of wants and needs

  • Communication function 

  • Supporting their individual social skills 

  • Neurodiverse Social Communication

We utilize an approach that is unique and intrinsically motivating for each individual child.

Occupational Therapy

Using relationship, connection, and play to promote a safe and fun therapy environment, our occupational therapy services work to support your child's needs and acknowledge their strengths in the following areas:

  • Daily Living Tasks (i.e. dressing, brushing teeth)

  • Praxis (motor planning)/Motor Coordination

    • fine/visual motor

    • bilateral coordination

    • whole body praxis

  • Strengthening

  • Muscle tone differences

  • Sensory Processing 

    • Understanding sensory processing+our bodies​​

    • Advocacy for sensory needs

    • Sensory Integration therapy

  • Feeding and Eating (also see "Feeding Services" below)

  • Visual Processing/Ocular Motor Skills

  • School skill support 

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Girl Jumping

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services use fun, play-based interactions to help support a child's gross motor needs in the following areas:

  • Torticollis 

  • Rolling

  • Crawling

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Cruising

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Balance

  • Hopping, skipping, jumping, etc.

  • Safety in movement

  • Whole body coordination

  • Strengthening

  • Sensory-based gross motor needs


We can support babies and their families with the following needs:

(OT + PT)

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Breast feeding (in partnership with an IBCLC for whole body tone and strengthening needs)

  • Torticollis

  • Asymmetry of motor movement

  • Overall motor development

  • Transitioning to solid foods

  • Progressing to table foods

  • (also, see Feeding Services)

Image by Christian Bowen
Eating Watermelon

Feeding Services

We can support children and their families with the following feeding needs:

  • Breast feeding, body support (in collaboration with an IBCLC)​​

    • muscle tone and strengthening needs​

    • motor skills

    • torticollis (with or without associated oral restrictions)

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Sensory-based feeding needs

  • Selective "picky" eating

  • Oral-motor coordination or strength needs

  • Muscle tone differences

  • Babies or children transitioning to solid foods

  • Babies or children transitioning from an NG or G-tube to solid foods

Serving children with the following diagnoses:

Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sensory Processing Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hypotonia, Pediatric Feeding Disorders, Receptive/Expressive Language Delay, Articulation Disorders, Pragmatic Disorders, Developmental Delay, Genetic/Chromosomal Conditions

*Please let us know if your child has a diagnosis you do not see listed here.*

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